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Candidate, PhD in Business and Management

University of Nottingham

(2009 - present)

B.A. (Hons) Business Economics and Management

University of Nottingham


Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore (2004-2005)


Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2009 - present
University of Nottingham
Courses taught: Business Economics, Quantitative Methods

Country Analyst, 2008
Bank Negara Malaysia
Department: World Economy

Research Skills:

Working knowledge of:

EViews and GRETL statistical programs

Bloomberg, Reuters, CEIC, Bankscope, and IFS database portals


Lim, Priscilla (2008). Vietnam, Recent Developments and Key Challenges. Paper presented at Economics Department Knowledge Sharing Session Series, Bank Negara Malaysia


Lim, Priscilla (2009) International Dynamic Causal Chain of Income Velocity of Money: Evidence from the United States and European Industrialized Nations, University of Nottingham Undergraduate Dissertation

Awards and Honors:

Nottingham PhD Scholarship, 2009 – present

ASEAN Scholar, 2000-2005

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IT Skills : Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook); Adobe CS3 Photoshop

Soft Skills : Team Management; Project Management; Presentation; Event Planning and Management; Database Design; Teaching, Testing & Training; Public Relations; Professional Writing

Languages: SPM Bahasa Malaysia, 'O'-Level English

Other possibly useful skills: A good cook, Chinese, Italian Cuisine and desserts, Make-up artist, Speed reader, Literary Enthusiast, Swimmer, Tennis Player, of course CHRISTIAN and an EXCELLENT FRIEND

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Have you ever dreamt of being someone great?

Being in the Olympic fever and all, I've been watching quite a bit of the Olympics with Astro having 10 channels dedicated to the majestic festival. One of the advertisements got to me. It said something along the lines of "being able to stand in the midst of the multitude hearing your national anthem play, being an Olympian". Okay maybe not all of us dream of being a half-God Olympian as the Greeks would have it. We might at one point or another dreamt of being Billy Graham, one of the world's most renown preachers, being up there in front of the thousands of people preaching God's word, or maybe that charismatic politician whose contributions to the nation goes down in detail into the history books, or that famous singer/artist that everyone labels a "genius", the one of a kind someone that makes a great impact in our generation or a few generations.


I have. Dreamt of being someone great. Its disappointing to find that in reality I don’t match up anywhere near my dreams. That I'm not the superhero or superheroine that comes and saves everyone from the end of the world. I've suddenly become doubting Thomas and the promise of greatness as a daughter of God doesn’t really appeal much anymore because at the moment it seems more of a fairytale story you tell little Sunday school kids. Somehow the realism and pessimism of a doubtful world  I've come to know has like a thief in the night robbed my of my idealism and faith in an indescribable God. I wondered seriously how upon in my life I sang the lyrics "How great is our God" as a statement with an exclamation mark and not with a question mark at the end. It seems more acceptable now with a question mark at the end.

Just how great is MY God? 

How great exactly is our God?